Trikytee emerges Head of House, picks Laycon as Deputy

Trikytee emerges Head of House, picks Laycon as Deputy

TrikyTee has beaten seven other Housemates to emerge Head of House (HoH) for the first time in eight weeks.

The eighth Head of House game was keenly contested with Kiddwaya out of the game due to suspension.

During the game, Dorathy, Neo, TrikyTee, Ozo, and Vee won the challenge.

It was not only historic but also saw Ozo opening the Golden chest.

The tie saw Big Brother asking the Housemates to begin the game again but this time for only 50 seconds.

However, TrikyTee emerged victorious to clinch the head of House title.

He nominated Laycon as his deputy after Biggie gave him the option to choose a deputy that is not necessarily the opposite sex.

In a new twist, the HoH and DHoH gain immunity from possible eviction and access to the luxury lounge for the week.
But none of them can host a guest each in the lounge.

Biggie also gave the deputy Head of House the choice of not sleeping in the HoH luxury lounge.

Big Brother, however, announced that Kiddwaya’s suspension from the Head of House games as well as enjoying any privileges of the Head of House ends tonight.

As usual, the games began with Biggie explaining the games to the Housemates.

The Housemates were glad to have Biggie’s voice back with them, so they paid rapt attention.

The Housemates had to play the same HoH game, which required them to move across a numbered mat within 2 minutes.

This week, Biggie made a few changes calculated to waste the housemates’ game time such as spelling words with straws, sketching a picture of a human, and several others.
The Housemates did their best to avoid them, but really, no one can control the fall of the die.

As before, to start the game, the Housemates had to throw a ‘6’ on the die. They would then move forward on the mat depending on the number they roll on the die the second time.

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