Prophetess Osoba moves Mohbad’s father out of Ikorodu to live in Ikeja

A Prophetess, Temilola Osoba has received applause from followers for taking the father of late singer, Mohbad to the saloon for a fine haircut and also taking him out of Ikorodu to live in Ikeja for the meantime.

Late Mohbad’s father, Mr Joseph Aloba is an indigene of Lagos state in Ikorodu local Government who resides in the community with his children and second wife.

Osaba while sharing the update via video on her official Instagram page with over 250k followers said she did that because she felt Mr Aloba was neglected in Ikoroduu where he was unable to receive condolence visits from well-wishers.

Prophetess Osoba moves Mohbad's father out of Ikorodu to live in Ikeja
Prophetess Osoba

In the video she shared, a barber was seen giving Mohbad’s dad a haircut while the Prophetess Osoba spoke in the background.

According to her, a lot of people wanted to see Mohbad’s dad but were afraid of going to Ikorodu due to area boys.

Watch the video below:

The video resonated with viewers who took to the comment sections to drop heartfelt remarks.

Thefirstladyomorewa wrote: “God bless him..he deserves to be in that house Imole mum is living in now,he truly raised him well,values and moral is seen in Imole’s life,he deserves to enjoy everything that boy has left behind to be honest … if not for those doing rubbish interviews with him ,Nigerians will not throw ha*te on him like that because obviously they were pushing him to say those things to make Nigerians aware of the situation but not the right time to do such.. those interviews has cost this man the hate he’s getting ..but he’s a good father ????.”:

Thekingshubart wrote: “I’m seeing so many comments here and it baffles me how people have become so mean… I don’t pray something like this happens to anyone, because you can’t explain the man’s pain… You think he’s all happy with himself having haircut? Even if they should give him a car now, it doesn’t end the level of his heart pain… Don’t forget that no matter happy you might get during the bright day, night is coming when you’d be left with your thoughts and no one would hear what your heart is crying out… Allow this man to have peace… Jesus is love ❤️????️.”


___khemichoplife___ wrote: “He’s a good father no one can tell me other wise if e easy run am.”

Spectrasplashcakesnmore wrote: “You guys should read between the line… He is a good father, no one is perfect. He tried his best. Pls stop bullying him like they did to his son.???? God bless you ma’am.”

Mustergen2_ wrote: “It seems the man really tried for his son but his mistake was that he wanted to use the don death to make money by splitting dust saying Mohbad wife did this did that.”

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