Man in tears as he discovers his wife is cheating on him after he cheated on her first in a drunken fling

A man is in serious tears and ready to divorce his wife after he reportedly discovered that his wife is cheating on him because he cheated on her first.

A distraught husband posted on Reddit, begging for advice on how to heal his allegedly struggling marriage.

The anonymous 32-year-old man shared that he recently caught his 29-year-old wife cheating on him with another man but didn’t know what to do.

He explained that he snooped through his wife’s phone while she was taking a shower and discovered texts that confirmed his suspicions that she was cheating on him.

“I felt so betrayed,” he wrote in the thread.

The man confronted his wife of five years when she got out of the shower but claims that she brushed it off, saying her affair was “OK” because he had cheated first.

The husband admitted that he strayed “in a drunken fling” two years into their marriage but insisted that his wife had forgiven him after the couple went to counseling.

He also swears that he has never been unfaithful in the three years since his one drunken hookup.

“I know I messed up,” the man admitted in the post.

However, it seems that his wife may have forgiven him — but didn’t forget.

“She claims [her affair is] ok because I cheated on her and I set the precedent for allowing infidelity,” the man posted.

He added that he tried to explain to his wife that he felt this situation was different because she was having a full-fledged relationship with another man, whereas he had a “drunken fling” with a woman he didn’t know.

The cheating wife finished getting ready and left for work but did not come home for some time.

“I feel I deserve this but at the same time I want my wife back. What do I do?” he asked his fellow Reddit users.

The original story was posted as the man allegedly sat and wondered where his wife was and when she would return home but was eventually updated.


“I finally managed to get ahold of her [and] she basically told me it’s over and that she no longer loves me,” the anonymous man said.

“I managed to track her location and find out who the person she’s cheating on me with and Dave if you read this f–k you!”

“I honestly can’t wait to get divorced now.”

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