‘85% of Nigerian women are l3sbians’ – Actress Uju Mandy recounts experience

Plus-sized Nollywood actress Uju Mandy has made an interesting revelation about the sexuality of most Nigerian women.

The quite outspoken script interpreter via the comment section of a blog hinted that about 85 percent of Nigerian women are practicing l3sbianism but covering up with men.

“For girls on this comment section will be forming saint. L3sbianism is what they do low-key. In fact 85 percent of Nigerian girls are l3sbians,” she wrote.

Funny enough, there are several comments supporting her claims and most of them are insisting that the percentage is over 85 but 95 and 90 as the case maybe.

Recall that Uju Mandy who had said she is very much single and not ready for marriage revealed reasons she is not willing to settle down anytime soon. 

The single mother of one also added the conditions that would make her settle as a second wife.

Hear her: “I am very scared of marriage. It is not easy. In fact, I am not just ready for now because I am scared of divorce. Men will always cheat because they are polygamous in nature. Even jazz can not stop a man from cheating. I am not a saint though, I have also cheated on my partner. I caught him cheating on me, so I reiterated. If I get married and my husband cheats, I’ll not leave the union. I’ll forgive him and we iron things out. Even married women cheat too.”


For UjuMandy it has not been easy coping with her plus-sized boobs.

The Anambra state-born single mother lamented her pains.

“As a lady with plus-sized b00bs, I face lots of challenges especially insults from people. I mean plenty of insults from both men and women. Some even body -shame me because of my big b00bs. While some will say that my sense is on my breast.  All sorts of unkind words but I don’t really care. Recently, someone insulted me again, saying that I don’t have sense and I reason with my big br3asts

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