I want to leave my husband of 9 years for my rich baby’s daddy who initially abandoned me – Lady seeks advise

A woman known as Issa Wueh has gone online to seek advise on how to wriggle herself out of the dilemma she’s in.

She said she wants to divorce her husband and go back to her baby’s daddy who initially abandoned her and their two-week-old baby.

She met her hubby when the child was still small and he decided to take care of both of them.

However, after nine years of being absent from their lives, the baby’s daddy resurfaced as a successful businessman and they started having an affair.

Issa has fallen pregnant for him and wants to leave her husband, who is a teacher, but she does not know how inform him.

The mother of one said she is feeling guilty about everything that is happening, but she still loves her baby’s father and wants to be with him.


She also revealed that her husband built a house in the child’s name even though he is not the real father.

In her words; ”My baby’s daddy ran away from me when my child was just 2 weeks old. He left me to take care of our child alone. I later met a man that loved me and my child like his own. We got married and he managed to build a house in my child’s name.

My child is 9 years old this year. My baby’s daddy reappeared out of the blue a few months ago and I’ve been sleeping with him. As I write this I’m pregnant and I suspect he’s the father. He’s now a successful businessman and wants to be part of our child’s life. He also asked me to leave my husband so he can marry me. He showed me the ring he bought for me. To be honest, I never stopped loving him. He’s my first real Love and I always prayed for him to come back.

My problem is I don’t know how to tell my husband that I want a divorce. He’s just a teacher but he took care of us all these years and has done tremendous things for us. I feel guilty because I don’t think I ever loved him,he is a good man and that is tearing me apart for the betrayal going on but am only human and i can’t pretend anymore. Please don’t judge me sweet ladies. All I just need is advice, i’m in a dilemma…….”

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