Georgina Onuoha slams those blaming Meghan Markle for Queen Elizabeth’s death

Former Nollywood actress, turned US-based Health information specialist Georgina Onuoha has expressed her shock over the circulating news fingering, Meghan Markle as the cause of British Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Meghan Markle is married to Prince Harry, who is one of the late Queen’s grandchildren.

According to Onuoha, there are news circulating within the British press that Markle was part of reasons the queen passed on.

‘It is appalling and despicable’ – Georgina Onuoha slams those blaming Meghan Markle for Queen Elizabeth’s death

The former actress further blasted all those behind such news and warned them to stay off Prince Harry, his wife and their children.

Georgina Onuoha wrote: “Please help me understand; Queen Elizabeth died at the ripe age of 96 and some how the British press still found a way of blaming Meghan Markle for the Queen’s death?

It is appalling and despicable that the trash British media and all the miserable mongrels on that shutter sick island and nothing but sick sycophants.

The British press and their apologist are trash as we call them here in America.

Her only crime is that she is half black and married into an obsolete institution meant for some bunch of inbreeds.

For years they called her names, tried to bury her, maligned her while her white sister in law benefited from all the hate thrown at Meghan because her mouth piece in the press published lies that Meghan made Kate cry.

For 3 years she endured the cruelty of the British media as they tried to push her into committing suicide but she found the strength to leave that cold and dark island with her family.

The American and black in her said enough was enough and she granted an interview with Oprah and the British media and their trash followers became enraged as to why she should speak her truth because she called out their lies.

In all honesty it was the white Kate that made the biracial Meghan cry.

Since then the British media with the blessings of Prince William have made a vow to malign this woman for telling the world they called her names, lied about her, called her son a chimpanzee and worried about Archie’s skin colour.

Shame on anyone who thinks the way this woman is being treated is ok.

If you know nothing about raising kids in America, know it today that they are taught to speak up for themselves from kindergarten.

You can not continue to bully this woman and expect every black and color person watch you kill her as you did Diana.


No; we will continue to speak up and confront these malicious lies and mistreatment of Meghan Markel.

I can not believe that your Queen died barely 24hrs and all Pierce Morgan and Dan Wanton wants to talk about and trash is Meghan Markel, it is truly sickening.

I pray for the safety of Meghan, Prince Harry and their Children.

The British media and 50 percent of the British people are sick and vile.

Shame. “

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