Femi Adebayo releases musical track for wife’s 40th birthday

Nollywood actor and movie producer Femi Adebayo Salami has released a musical track to celebrate his better half as she clocks age 40 today, September 18.

Sharing several stunning photos, the actor sang her praises and rained adulations on her.

He expressed gratitude to his creator for giving him a wife like her.

Femi revealed that he intends to tell the world how it started between them but it would come as a film titled Iremide.

“Omotayo Memunat Aduke Aya Adebayo….hmmm… I feel like telling the whole world how it started. Trust me it would come as a film. The title is IREMIDE (My joy has come). Now, I would say THANK YOU TO THR ALMIGHTY ALLAH for giving me you. You are the best woman any man could pray for @iyanaaladuke. Happy birthday, darling. I love you so much”.

The role interpreter expressed his gratitude to his creator for bringing this wife into his life.


Praying for her, he wished her happy birthday.

“It’s all about my darling wife tomorrow. My love, my joy, my jewel of inestimable value, my gist partner, my confidant, my ex-girlfriend, my energizer! My ALL!! I especially thank God for bringing you into my life. As you celebrate your birthday, may the Almighty Allah huge you eternal peace and joy. Love you darling”.

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