You’re making an unwise decision ― Daniel Regha slams Joe Biden

Daniel Regha, controversial social media analyst and adviser, has reacted to the news that Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America has pardoned everyone convicted of the federal offence of marijuana possession in his country.

Reacting to the news, Daniel Regha who dishes out an unrequested piece of advice replied under the tweet where the president made the announcement.

Regha told Biden that he is making an unwise decision and asked him to think about his decision once more. He said Marijuana should be declared illegal and anyone who uses or possesses it should be jailed. He also noted that society act like it is okay but a lot of lives – especially that of the youths have been ruined because of unprescribed usage.

Recall that Joe Biden had earlier announced a pardon for all prior federal offences of simple possession of marijuana in the US and urged governors of fifty states in the country to extend clemency to people who have been imprisoned by state laws criminalizing marijuana possession.

Daniel Regha’s reply to Joe Biden: “Biden u are making an unw!se decision; Th! nk thru. Mar!juana should be declared! llegal, & anyone who’s seen using or possessing cannab!s hould be jailed. Society acts like it’s cool but many people’s lives, especially the youths, have been ru!ned because of its unprescribed usage”.


Sharing his opinion on his page, he wrote,

“Biden wants to normalise the use of mar!juana, people will applaud but that’s unw!se; Legalising the use of mar!juana will have a negat!ve impact on society. I hope Biden d¤esn’t succeed in doing this, cos America is seen as a symbol of power & the world looks up to the USA”.

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