‘Why I left my marriage of 8 years’ – Nigerian lady celebrates 7-year divorce anniversary

A Nigerian woman identified as Iphie, has taken to social media to reveal that she is a divorcee who left her marriage of eight years.

The mother said that she divorced her husband seven years ago and she went way with her two daughters.

Iphie, in a post via her Twitter page @iphieajike, on 5th of September, celebrated her 7-year divorce anniversary.

She cheered to making it out alive and recounted how she was uncertain of what the future held for her when she left her husband.

‘I left my marriage of 8 years’ – Nigerian lady celebrates 7-year divorce anniversary

@iphieajike tweeted; ”Today 7 years ago, I left my marriage of 8 yrs with two little girls and moved out here.

Alone, afraid and unsure of what the future held but knowing without a shadow of doubt that it was time. Cheers to making it out alive! 🥂 🎉”

Reacting, netizens shared varying comments, while some congratulated her, others said they would not be so quick to judge the man because they have not heard his side of the story.

@Bio_teddy; Congratulations. Sending you lots of love with hugs filled with pride. May you continue to have the strength that you need and I pray GOD gives you all you want and need and a good man to love you and your children right 🤗

@Bologinma; Congratulations and Well done! You survived and thrived! You did it! Here’s to many more years of a glorious, wonderful life lived on your own terms!

adedayo_mustaph; Congratulations and God bless you. Since you brought it here, I pray that the man finds Favor and blessings from God. We were not there and we witnessed nothing so caution is needed.

@0fc0b1e1bc374ef; God bless you. The world have move beyond fowl cry on socio-media. We are not there when she left her union. So she should enjoy her new never.

@alukokemi; Congratulations for making it out alive and for God’s sustaining grace since that time. Continue to be strong for yourself and your children. I pray it will end in praise.

@noli_stephan; Your girls will be forever grateful to you for the lesson you’ve taught them. I am super proud of you for taking that decision not just for yourself but for them too


@CollinsUma; Congratulations on how you stayed strong and thrived. My marriage was 8 years too when I left, also with two kids, so I know some difficulties you may not be able to talk about. May God give you much more success.

@ChipmunkFF; “Cheers to making it out alive!” warmed my heart so much. Best of luck to you and yours!! 🙏👍

@Oyedokun4Sunday; Lemme joined them say cheers 🍻 we don’t even know the side of the story👌 Nigeria 🤔

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