Ugandan Landowners Cry out as Govt refuses to compensate them over EACOP Pipeline

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline is slated to pass through 10 districts in Uganda, but many who own property in its path haven’t seen a cent from the government, writesApophia Agiresaasi for Global Press Journal.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch reports that environmental defenders in Uganda are facing harassment, intimidation and arbitrary arrests for protesting against the planned East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) which has destroyed the livelihoods of thousands of Ugandans and which risks locking in decades of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the global climate crisis.

Supporters of the pipeline say it will create thousands of direct and indirect jobs, providing employment opportunities for local communities and boosting income levels.

The multibillion-dollar project is being led by French energy company TotalEnergies, which will construct oilfields in Uganda and transport the crude through a 1,445-kilometre (900-mile) pipeline to a port in Tanzania

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