Tragic day as Father, mother, two children die by electrocution in Taraba

It was a tragic Monday in Taraba State as four members of a family of five died after being electrocuted with several others sustaining injuries.

The incident happened in the Dinyavo area of Jalingo, the state capital.

The family members included a father, mother and two children, with the last born escaping unhurt.

Channels Television was on the scene of the incident where neighbours expressed shock as the remains of the deceased were being evacuated to a morgue by the police.

Eyewitnesses at the scene said they suspected a high voltage supply from the national grid triggered the incident.

According to some of them, at least 10 persons were taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Some of them who reportedly attempted to rescue the victims said it was unfortunate that the door leading to the room was locked from the inside and before they could disconnect the power supply and break through the windows to rescue them, it was too late.

Tragic day as Father, mother, two children die by electrocution in Taraba

One of the eyewitnesses, Mr Jerry Jonah, said, “This morning, there was a burst from the transformer. Everyone ran out and smoke followed suit. A few seconds later, everyone started shouting and before we knew it, a lot of houses were engulfed in smoke.

“I tried my best to rescue them, all to no avail because they locked themselves in. But when we succeeded in breaking the door, we realised that they were already electrocuted and that their neighbours were also shocked by the electricity supply and rushed them to the hospital.”


A neighbour of the victims, Mrs Nathan Daniel, narrated that when they realised that there was a spark from the transformer, they were informed to switch off their gas cylinders but never knew their neighbours were inside their rooms.

“I saw the last born outside crying, ‘My mummy, my mummy!’ Then I checked and saw smoke and fire inside the first room and called for assistance,” she said.

“Unfortunately, the door was locked, which prompted us to break the windows to discover that they were already electrocuted with some parts of their body burnt.”

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