The Church of satan that was destroyed in Nigeria

UMUAHIA- Residents of Ebem, Ohafia town in Abia State where the Church of Satan was established said they were afraid to confront the founder because it was feared that he possesses evil powers that kill anyone who challenge his activities.

The Church also known as Assemblies of Light Bearer Greater Church was founded by a young man identified as Ifekwe Udo. He was alleged to have converted some youths of the area to his church by assisting them with motorcycles for okada business and other forms of empowerment.

Udo, popularly known as Lucifer, was also said to have continued terrorizing the Ohafia community as no one dared challenge him.

A youth leader in Ohafia, Egwu Ibem, in an interview with Vanguard, said Ifekwe’s activities created fear in Ebem community; especially as he started converting young boys to his church including the establishment of a brothel.

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“Everyone in Ohafia knew Ifekwe Udo did not mean well for Ohafia community with the nature of activities he was engaged with. He was a bad influence on the community, especially our youths. Some of the youths started joining him because he was empowering them with motorcycles for okada business. There are reports that he used juju on followers. He also established a brothel in the community. The brothel

However, nemesis caught up with Lucifer as he was arrested by the Police in the state for violating the protocol on COVID-19. Following his arrest, youths of the community summoned courage and stormed the church demolishing the various images located in the compound.

Vanguard gathered that the Ebem community erupted in celebrations as the various images were being demolished. Some residents were singing songs and thanking God for Lucifer’s arrest while brought drinks.

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