“Still waiting for your answers” Empress Njamah tears up as she queries late Ada Ameh [Video]

Nollywood actress Empress Njamah has yet to get over the death of her beloved best friend and colleague, Ada Ameh.

On Monday, July 18, that the beloved Nollywood actress died.

It was gathered that Ada Ameh, who had lost her only child in 2020, died in Warri, Delta State, around 11 pm on Sunday, July 17, a source who pleaded anonymity said on Monday morning.

Ameh was said to have been a guest of an oil company toyshop and his family when she suddenly collapsed.

Nollywood actress Empress Njamah has yet to get over the death of her beloved best friend and colleague, Ada Ameh.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria held a night of tribute in her honour on Thursday, August 18th.

Empress Njamah was one of the celebrities who attended the procession.

Sharing a video of her staring at the deceased’s posters, Empress Njamah queried why Ada left her alone.

She questioned if the late actress knew she missed her.

Empress Njamah stated that she was waiting for her answers.

“You know I miss you right? Then why did you go? Am still waiting for answers my friend….”.

Empress Njamah had finally spoken out over allegations made against her by her late best friend, Adam Ameh’s family.

In a lengthy post, Ada Ameh’s family accused people of setting up condolences and mourning houses without their consent.

In their statement, Ameh’s family revealed how people had been attacking her younger sister, Ameh Abahi, and her husband, Hotom Azuma, for their collaboration on her page.

The family stated that it saddened them to realise that the public preferred hearing that Ada Ameh had no living family members so that they could sympathise rather than hear the truths from family members.

It had become obvious to them that their intentions had been largely misinterpreted and twisted by strangers who wanted to continue to promote the wrong narrative about their family.

The post added how the family had stayed quiet about her death for a while. They received several calls from people setting up condolences and opening mourning houses without the family’s consent.

Speaking out, Empress Njamah shared a video of her and the deceased in all smiles.

According to Empress, she was amazed at the things she saw on social media about her.

However, this isn’t the right time for her to speak as she is still mourning the actress.

Her post reads,

“KEEP SLEEPING MY SWEET TROUBLE…my joy is that I posted this video smiling,thought I was going to soak my pillow with tears but all I did was smile…glad I can now get on my phone and have the strength and courage to type,IT IS WELL,it’s amazing the things am seeing on social media,many things brought to my knowledge,it’s not the right time to speak,let me mourn in peace BUT it’s really a pity,there is time for everything,and the time for me to talk will surely come but for now let me heal,thanks to all who reached out,could not pick calls and reply messages but I never forget @adaameh I miss you sha,but you are in a better place.”

Fans of late Nollywood actress Ada Ameh had wondered why her colleagues in the entertainment industry didn’t answer the clarion call of Empress Njamah to contribute some funds for her aged mother’s upkeep.

Njamah, who’s more like the best friend of the late comic actress, had publicly pleaded for funds from the public to help sustain Ada Ameh’s aged mother.


However, from her post, which had the details of the donors so far, no names of celebrities could be found, which worried fans.

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