Rev Ladi Thompson describes Osinbajo as vessel prepared unto honour

Rev Ladi Thompson describes Osinbajo as vessel prepared unto honour

Yemi Osinbajo

Reverend Ladi Thompson, the founder and Senior Pastor of Living Waters Unlimited Church has said that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is a vessel prepared by God unto honour.

In a message posted on his Facebook page, the international coordinator of “Macedonian Initiative” said that there are many Osinbajo’s that will come after the incumbent Vice President.

“Prof Yemi Osinbajo goes beyond being an individual, he is a prophetic dart thrown into the fray for the light to begin to shine,” Rev Thompson said.

He added that “At this point in time you need to rise above politics, pettiness, ethnic and tribal inclinations and all the silliness that anyone may choose to inject into this narrative, but if you know the man, you know him.

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He then stated that, “He is a vessel prepared onto honour , he’s just a prototype, there are thousands of Osinbajo’s who are coming up after him and this nation is going to be the most righteous that you have ever heard of, watch as we begin to unravel the end times of the end times.

“Nigeria is going to take its place where God has wanted it to be all along, now let me just close this by saying something this; recall the Bible verse that says: “He came unto his own but his own did not recognize him”.

“Many are yet to realize that, Professor Osinbajo is actually a living sacrifice. He’s a living sacrifice and when all these modern gospels and all these funny games that are being played have been brushed into the dustbins of history and the eternal gospel resumes in Nigeria, many of you who are sitting out there who have already known it in your heart will receive the boldness to stand up for righteousness.”


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