Report Says Malawi to Face Serious Hunger, Malnutrition

By Naomi Mkwanda

A Global Hunger Index Report of 2023 says Malawi is one of 125 countries in the world to face serious hunger and malnutrition this year.

The report has ranked Malawi at number 88 as a country that will face serious hunger as well as nutrition issues in 2023-2024 lean season.

The 2023 GHI report shows that Malawi is on number 88 out of 125, and the country continues to face challenges in food and nutrition security which translates that 5.2 million Malawians will face severe hunger in 2023-2024 lean season.

Commenting on the report, Minister of Youth and Sports, Uchizi Mkandawire said government has put in place several mechanisms to address hunger issues such as introduction of mega farms to address issues of food security in the country.

“Let me commend the Concern World Wide and it’s partners for coming up with the report which highlights that Malawi ranks number 88 out of 125 countries to face hunger in the lean season affecting about 5.2 million people in the country.

“However, government has various interventions such as implementation of mega farming projects to improve food security issues in the country.

“The report also underscores the importance of youth in shaping food security and indeed we are doing all we can to ensure the youths are involved and that their voices are heard,” said Mkandawire.

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