“Regina hope you are seeing this” Reactions as Ned Nwoko’s fourth wife lays fresh allegation against him

Nollywood actress and entrepreneur Regina Daniels has been dragged into the ongoing marital issues between Ned And his fourth wife, Chante Campbell.

Kemi Filani news reported hours ago that Chante Campbell, the fourth wife of Regina Daniels’ husband, Ned Nwoko, had laid fresh allegations against him.

“Regina hope you are seeing this” Reactions as Ned Nwoko’s fourth wife lays fresh allegation against him

Taking to social media, the fourth wife of the politician broke down over the maltreatment he is melting on their kids.

Chante stated that it hurts to see her kids receive what they don’t deserve because of her.

Sending a message to him, she stated that her issues with him shouldn’t allow him transfer his aggression on his other kids.

“Sometimes it hurts to see my kids receive what they don’t deserve cos of me. My issues with you should be with you only not my kids”.

Reacting to it, many called Regina’s attention to the constant maltreatment the politician metes on his other wives.

jacyntambachu: Regina hope you are seeing this, cuz hmmmmmmm

ewaivory: The moment you have issues with irresponsible husbands, they pass the aggression to the kids

akosua_kumah: Hmm men, it is well

awula_naa22: You see why Laila had to come and beg…..hmmmmm

augustilicious: Regina is wise….she has opened businesses…those oda ones didn’t even think of being self sufficient

monjam5684: But why is this man so wicked I really feel.pity for some of the kids

aapril32: He said he loves his children, I guess it is only to use them as a bargaining chip.

Recall that his fifth wife, Laila Charani also spoke about his mistreatment when she divorced him

In an Instagram live session on Sunday, February 2022, the ex-wife of Delta State Politician revealed some of her challenges and some issues that went down in their marriage.

Laila Charani said she didn’t meet any other woman living with Ned Nwoko when she married a virgin, but he terminated her modelling career after their marriage.

Speaking further, Laila Charani said her marriage took a different turn after Ned Nwoko got married to Nollywood actress Regina Daniels.

She mentioned that Ned Nwoko was mean to her and her kids as he would completely ignore them without any words for days but post them on social media as if he loved them.


According to Laila Charani, Ned Nwoko shifted all attention to Regina Daniels and her son while only showing love to her and her children on social media.

Laila Charani also said she had to look for jobs to secure a promising future for her kids when she could no longer take the heat, adding that the ten years spent with Ned Nwoko had been the worse years of her life.

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