Real story behind Rita Dominic ‘giving birth to twins’ emerges

Rita Dominic‘s business partner, Mildred Okwo, has come out to address the rumours claiming the Nollywood superstar has delivered a set of twins.

Social media was awash with news that Rita who got married earlier this year was now a mother.

It led to people sending congratulatory messages even without confirmation.

However, Okwo has now debunked the news, claiming that the picture was taken on a movie set.

In a chat with newsmen, Okwo said: “You see somebody on set today, and the next day they have twins; I do not understand.

“If Rita has had a child, would I not send a press release to you guys? Common, it does not make sense.

“Can you imagine? She took a picture while on a movie set. She posted a picture; she is on a movie set; maybe I should call her to find out if she has given birth.


“It is bloggers that are peddling fake news. Kindly ignore them. If she has a child, there is no way that I would not make the announcement and I will definitely not talk to bloggers.”

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