Pan African Public Notification: Corporate Lawyers wanted at Black Wall Street Compassionate Capitalism Economic System

This is a great opportunity for Corporate Lawyers who are now wanted to work as Country Assistant Directors for Black Wall Street Compassionate Capitalism Economic System, a Franchise Self Employment Position with over $20,000 per month income.

The Compassionate Capitalism Economic System is a revolutionary solution to the decades of poverty,  discrimination and injustices in Africa now seeking capable directors  with background in corporate law to manage its spread throughout the Continent. 

The corporate lawyers are required to coordinate the recruitment and management of 50 PEMS in your assigned demographic.

Watch video explainer here on Working as platform Engagement manager on the compassionate Capitalism economic system

Who in turn  recruit and manage 100 Digital Marketers each in the same demographic creating a workforce of 5,050 people working under you promoting Compassionate Capitalism Economic System and its programs beginning from the Family Empowerment Initiative to the Human billboard revolution, Afrowood, Lechi Philanthropy and many more. 

If you have  a background in corporate law, the maturity to set up an office structure, coordinate seminars and oversee a team of workers in the digital marketing industry, please send us your information  for immediate onboarding to begin enjoying this wonderful opportunity. 

Send your detailed application to( highlighting your understanding of the opportunity and your suitability for it. 

Africa First.

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