#Oscars: Check out why Singer Tems is under attack

Nigerian award-winning singer, Temilade Openiyi, aka Tems, has come under attack over her outfit at the Oscars.

Tems, nominated for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever track, “Lift Me Up” wore a puffy white gown that wrapped around the back of her head.

Her elaborate outfit blocked the view of some attendees who sat at her back at Sunday night’s Academy Awards.

Reacting on social media, some viewers criticized Tems for her view-blocking outfit while others said she stole the show.

Here are some comments Africa Informants gathered:

@boluxxx: “ Tems’ dress was beautiful.

Tems is drop-dead gorgeous. Tems is my star girl and all that. Tems blocking people’s views with her dress was inconsiderate. People pointing that out is not racism as long as they aren’t using derogatory language. Humans need to be more honest.”

@Snr: “ Tems didn’t win any Oscars but she’s still the conversation topic of the event, a queen.”

@pdiatiasmag: “ Tems looked gorgeous in Lever Couture but the outfit was not thought all the way through as it obscured the view of the stage for anyone sitting directly behind the singer.”


@t3niola: “ I need this ‘inconsiderate’ narrative to die! TEMS is not the first to wear a large headpiece to one of these awards shows.

“These shows are known for art that prioritises form over function and it is not when it’s Temilade’s turn that you will start expecting ‘sensible’ fits.”

@jayoverflowere: “ Tems ate last night but that was inconsiderate as hell. Poor people in the back.”

@jarrettBellini: “Imagine waiting your whole life to be at the Oscars and you end up sitting behind a stratus cloud.”

@Archivist1000: “ And the Oscar for the Most Ridiculous Dress worn by a SELFISH, RUDE DIVA goes to #TEMS for obstructing people’s view.”

@missboo_i: “ Tems should have had a better seat IMO. That’s the only thing she did wrong. She should have been sitting next to the ‘singer’ of HER song.”

@victoreajabukwa: “ Y’all shouldn’t forget, that night was Tems night, not the audiences night. She was an Oscar nominee. Free her to wear whatever the fuck she wants. Like Lady Gaga hasn’t worn worse. Instead of Nigerian to celebrate our first Oscar nominee, they’re bashing her for her dress.”

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