Nigerian celebrities speak on rape allegations in its entertainment industry

The last few weeks have thrown the Nigerian entertainment in the spotlight of rape and sexual allegations. To this end, a number of notable entertainers including D’banj, Peruzzi, Lancelot Imasuen, Victor Okpala, and Brymo, have been called out in the resurgence of rape allegations in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

The Nation reached out to four celebrities from the music and film industries to get their reactions to the varied rape allegations rocking the industry.

From Eedris Abdulkareem to Tana Adelana, Anita Joseph and Tope Tedela, the entertainers had so much to say on rape.

Tana Adelana

It’s appalling to say the least, that at times like this, women are still taken advantage of, whether in or out of the entertainment industry. I have read quite a number of rape cases and I am saddened that “role models” have belittled themselves in such manner and allowed a few moments of pleasure ruin another’s life and soil their names for life. Fortunately, I was never been involved in such situations but I completely frown at it.

That a young girl is upcoming isn’t a license to proposition them, that some may seem desperate isn’t a lead to take advantage of them, that some may need to hone their craft a bit more is not a guise to deceive them into having sexual relations with you. I may not have been involved directly in sexual harassment situations but every case I hear of, touches me in ways I cannot explain and that makes me angry. This isn’t the future promised to our young girls, our daughters, sisters, friends.

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Apparently, it’s not a “current” state, it has been this way for a long time, we are only getting to know about these stories now as recently, women have been given the opportunity and the much needed support to speak their truth. I believe there’ll be a complete overhaul very soon. I know for a fact that the different bodies controlling the different facets of the entertainment industry are working tirelessly to curb this menace and ensure that culprits are brought to book.

Eedris AbdulKareem

Well, life is for the living, and the living must be conscious of the things he or she does, because what goes around, comes around. There’s a time tested African adage that states that “a day cometh when whatever is done in the dark will surely become known”, and this maxim, as far as I am concerned, should be enough to dissuade anyone from getting into crime of any shade whatsoever. But having said that, I am not sure if anything concrete have been proven in the cases I have heard of; it suffices that I stand for the innocent to be proven as such and acquitted of all the charges, while the guilty must be made to pay the full dose of penalty as prescribed by the laws of the land.

I have never been involved in things like that. People that are very close to me will even tell you that I am celibate outside my home. My family is everything to me and my wife is simply a one in a million woman; so, I am content.”

Tope Tedela

The raging rape allegations are probably an indications that the culture of silence in victims of rape and sexual harassment is gradually being broken, but the malaise is far from uprooted. However, there have been reported cases of false allegations and this is like making a mockery of the fight against rape. No, I haven’t.

Anita Joseph

I do hope they get the justice they deserve. Rape is a no no,no, I say no to rape! No I have not had that experience.

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