My DM full after butt enlargement ― Blessing CEO

Media personality and relationship expert, Blessing Okoro aka Blessing CEO has revealed that she got massive attention from Nigerians after undergoing a cosmetic surgery.

She made the disclosure during her appearance on Vanguard’s online TV show, Lunch Date with Vanguard.

During the show, Blessing pointed out that she invested in her looks, gave herself a rebirth because it’s a key factor in the entertainment industry.

Her words: “Let me tell you the honest truth, ‘bum bum sells, forget the noise, the kind of attention I got within one month after liposuction is massive. The problem with Nigeria is that we are hypocrites, we live in denial. Anytime I talk about anything concerning my bum bum, do you see the traffic I get? how come they talk about the same thing they don’t like?

“You need to go to the hospital and see women who need this liposuction, it’s a complete rebirth. In the hospital I used, I see men bringing their wives.”

On how she feels after undergoing the procedure, she said the process is easier than she ever thought.

 “It was easier than I even thought. I think they just put fear in people and exaggerate a lot of things. I even thought it was something so serious. Doing it, I realised that it was nothing difficult that is why I even spoke out. They took the fat from my back and from my tummy, you know we women always have this struggle with back folds, I had two kids so I have this little bulge on my tummy, even when I went for this operation, doctor said my body is ok, but I know what I want.

“In the show business, no matter how much you make noise, they see you before they know you, so if you want to remain in the limelight you have to look a certain way, for me, it was for my career and myself, I still want to look beautiful and young, when I see beautiful actresses in their 40’s looking good, I always remember the need to maintain my looks.” She noted


“I have never discouraged women from doing liposuction, the only thing I have ever said is, don’t do it for a man. Many think when you do liposuction, you are doing it for a man or for ‘runs’.

She explained that the younger girls have messed up the liposuction narrative,  saying ”when you do lipo people feel one is doing it to impress a man, and she said those who go the lane of doing liposuction to a man’s sake still get served breakfast (Cheated on).

“There are so many lies and myths surrounding liposuction, some people get to say after Lipo will you have children? they won’t touch your womb. Others will ask if one can have sex after the process, when the operation is clearly not done around the private part, all these shows the naivety and fear people show on the topic.

“The only thing about Lipo is just the discomfort, not pain, It’s just like pregnancy – when you are pregnant, you don’t lie on your tummy, you lie on your side. After lipo, you don’t lie with your back, often time, the best way to sleep with your tummy, you don’t sit, you stand and walk around for about three weeks because they’ve transferred fats to your butt, so if you sit,  you will be suppressing the fat, and the fat is meant to circulate round the muscles, which is the healing process, after the three weeks one is good to go, you then start to sit on a lipo pillow which allows you to sit on your thigh and stretch your back.”

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