Mike Tyson admits to offering Remy Ma a car to spend the night with him

An American former professional boxer, Michael Gerard Tyson, known as Mike Tyson, has admitted to having offered rapper Remy Ma a luxury car in exchange for one night together.

American rapper, Joseph Antonio Cartagena, better known by his stage name Fat Joe, made this revelation on the latest episode of Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin podcast.

Fat Joe and Angie Martinez stopped by for an interview on the podcast and at one point Joe recalled what went down when he got invited to the boxing legend’s home.

Admitting to this, Mike Tyson can be seen struggling to hold back laughter as Joe narrated the story.

Fat Joe recounted: “Mike invites me to the house, and he says, ‘Bring Remy Ma with you’.”


“Mike invites me to the house and he says bring Remy Ma with you. This is around lean back or some sh*t like that. We go to the house. He opens the door butt naked. Mike opens the door ass naked.” As Tyson laughed on, Joe continued, “I’m only worried about him. He takes me a tour of the house, I’m not lying to you. Every room I walked in there was a chick in every room, in every fucking room. I’m like what the fuck, I’m like this guy lives a fucking life. He offered us some fucking 500 bands.”

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