Lebanon awaits assistance as rescue operation continues after blast

Rescue operations were continuing on Thursday as Lebanon awaited assistance following the massive explosion that rocked Beirut port and left the city in devastation.

French President Emmanuel Macron was expected to arrive in Beirut around noon (0900 GMT) to offer his country’s assistance, while other countries – like Qatar, Greece and Cyprus – have already sent medical aid.

Members of the Lebanese Red Cross, army soldiers and volunteers were still searching for people listed missing under the rubble in areas near the port.

“I am waiting here, I am not moving. My brother works inside the port and we have not heard of him since the explosion took place,” screamed Fatima as she stood nearby.

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An army officer told dpa they have removed only some remains from the port so far.

Civil defence workers were also busy on Thursday examining building structures amid concerns that some might collapse after they were affected by the blast.

“We fear some of the badly damaged buildings will fall, that is why we are asking people to stay away,” a civil defence rescue worker said.

Tuesday’s explosion killed at least 135 people and wounded some 5,000.

Red Cross volunteers at the scene said they expect the death toll to rise as searches continue at the port where dozens are still missing, especially among employees who were present at the time of the blast.


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