Instagram dancer, Jane Mena shades Tonto Dikeh over Kpokpogri

Instagram dancer and influencer Jane Mena has resumed shading actress and politician Tonto Dikeh.

The socialite who got into a messy brawl with the actress in 2021 is revisiting an old beef.

Jane Mena heavily shades Tonto Dikeh over Kpokpogri

Recall that in 2021 Tonto Dikeh had accused her ex-boyfriend, Kpokpogri, of possessing many of the dancer’s $*xx tapes.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Tonto revealed that Prince Kpokpogri had recorded $*xxx tapes of Jane Mena and some other married celebrities, which were in his possession.

Prince Kpokpogri, however, denied the claims as he stated that he was a family friend of the dancer.

Fast forward to the future, Jane Mena had revisited old beef as she slammed a troll.

The troll had body-shamed her, and in retaliation, Jane reminded him that it was this same body she was accused of using to snatch someone’s lover.

Questioning why the troll was attacking her breast, she noted how it was the same breast she used to snatch the actress’s boyfriend.


She told the troll to put respect on her name.

Jane Mena, proud of her body, vowed never to go under the knife.

“Ahhhhhh this early afternoon una no go Kee me for this app. Wait what did my small brezz do to you people ehn. No be same Brezz wey I take collect person man. Put some respeck on my name ooo. This is the only thing I WILL NEVER TOUCH IN MY BODY COS IF I DO, my sweet personality will change”.

Jane Mena had tackled Tonto Dikeh after being called an adulterous twerker.

Jane Mena threw a subtle shade at Tonto Dikeh following the leaked $***xxx tape of a 10-year-old student of Chrisland school.

Jane Mena reacted to the issue of the leaked $****XXX tape, criticising how many netizens made the video a sensation online.

However, a fan of Tonto Dikeh tackled her reminding her of her $***XXX tape and relationship with Prince Kpokpogri.

Responding, Jane Mena bragged about not being dumped like Tonto Dikeh and urged her fans to help her find real love.

This did not sit well with Tonto Dikeh as she ripped Jane Mena to pieces describing her as an adulterous twerker, noting she didn’t receive her petition and lawsuit.

Tonto Dikeh questioned Jane Mena about how useful she was to her impotent husband when Prince Kpokpogri was having s$****XXX with her from morning to night.

In her words: I still have not received Jane the adulterous twerker’s petition nor lawsuit. Local simp. wait till Instagram release me from this prison you go hear weeeee. You want to shade your mother? How useful are you to the impo hubby when kpokpogri does it from morning till night? I like to know!!! Small rat. Me wey no get joy Na em this small Tata want shade..

Reacting to this, Jane Mena, in a post shared on her Instagram page, said she doesn’t throw shade but posts whatever she feels on her social media page.

She wrote: I don’t throw shade, I post what I feel. But, If the d!ck fits at the moment, suck on it bih!

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