Igbos to lead Africa in Project Management- King Charles N Lambert explains rational for return to tribe based job allocations

It is no longer questionable that the Igbos are the most industrious, resilient, and arguably the most innovative tribe in Nigeria. The Igbo people are industrious & entrepreneurial in nature, they boldly engage in business & other commercial activities, and they are said to be the most industrious tribes in Nigeria. They are born Hustlers, The Igbo apprenticeship system known as “Ịgba boy” is a case study of how wealth is circulated in Igbo land.

On this note, King Charles Lambert of the Black Wall Street and innovator of Compassionate Capitalism strongly believes that the Igbos are so industrious and capable of leading and managing projects under the Pan-African Job Centres he created for 300 million African youths.

Black Wall Street set to empower 250 University Lecturers through Pan African Job Centers
King Lambert

Recall that King Lambert had announced the creation of the Pan African Job Centre, which will help curb unemployment in Africa by creating over 300 million jobs for African youths across the continent.

As it has been known all over the world, the Igbos don’t mind the weather or the challenges. They are risk-takers. They are also gold getters. To my opinion, I may say they are the most industrious for the following reasons; they don’t easily give up. They don’t easily say no to challenges. They have the ability to try every challenge despite the circumstances surrounding them. They can think of solutions at all costs. They are always positive and passionate to succeed. They are compassionate and lovely with open hearts, hence, King Lambert is right to allocate the 105,000 project manager opportunities to the Igbos under the Pan African Job Centre.

In a short statement by King Lambert, made available to newsmen, he explained the need for Tribe Based Job Allocations under the Pan African Job Centre where he opined that one of the most damaging things that came from European colonization was the failed attempts to create nations/countries and destroy tribes in the name of curbing tribalism.

He said “Africans are known mostly through the tribes than any other geographic expression. The tribes tell us who is a good hunter, a builder, or a fighter and it was far easier to get the right people for the right opportunities when you target through tribes.


“We are going to allocate specific opportunities to specific tribes in Africa going forward to ensure we have the right people for every opportunity grossly reducing the failure associated with almost everything in Africa.

“The 105,000 Project Managers will be targeted to Igbos because they will never give an excuse why they didn’t deliver, they are resourceful, dynamic, travel around freely, and have a history of having developed lands that are supposedly not traditionally theirs than any other tribe in the history of Africa.

“Hundreds more sectors exist for other tribes in nursing, security, teaching, administration, engineering, etc.”

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