ICYMI: Here’s All of The Gist From Week 3 of Big Brother Naija Lockdown

The housemates have already spent three fun weeks in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown house. They have continued to prove that they are different from any other set of housemates we’ve seen in the house, better even. They’ve stayed on good terms with each other, and even when they fight, they always keep it from getting out of hands. However, their lack of friction means that there’s a lot of room for love to grow and we saw a lot of that happening this week as Ozo celebrated his birthday, BBNaija style.

Here’s everything that happened in week three of Big Brother Naija Lockdown:

The Head of House Challenge

As usual, the Head of House Challenge was held on Monday, and the housemates played the same reinvented snakes and ladders game. Still shaken by Lilo and Ka3na’s eviction from the previous night, they all put in their best – playing like their lives depended on it (and it did).

The game is purely based on luck, a little bit of speed and the ability to calculate under pressure. The dice that they have to roll means that a lot of their speed is dependent on the numbers that they pick and the obstacles on the board always serve as roadblocks to moving fast.

Lucy was not allowed to play this week as she was the head of house last week. Laycon was also not allowed to play as he had injured his hamstring. Ozo won the game by a landslide and finished the game in one run, the first for any BBNaija Lockdown housemate this season. As usual, he had to pick someone of the opposite gender as his deputy, and after an agonizing thirty minutes, he decided to pick Dora, his bestie over Nengi, his love interest.

Diary Room Gist

The diary session started on Monday, with all of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates talking about how the house was dealing with the first evictions from Sunday. The general consensus was that people were sad, relieved, tense and shaken all at once. But all the housemates made it clear that they were glad they were still in the house and looking forward to another week.

They also talked about their wager task for the week (to create a story set in the 90s, with songs and at least one choreography). They confessed that it was a good ice-breaker from all the tension they were feeling from evictions. Many of them said they were already working on the wager and looking forward to seeing how it turns out, especially because they didn’t want to lose again. They rounded up their sessions by telling Biggie about their future plans and where they hoped to be in five years.

Neo The Mediator

Tension has been brewing between Tolanibaj and Wathoni because they both like Prince and it finally got to the boiling point. After the eviction show on Sunday, the girls got into a squabble about where Wathoni could or couldn’t sleep. It was obviously just a smokescreen to fight about the bigger issue, Prince. Neo stepped into the fight on Monday to try and clear things out between the girls and ease the tension. He did his best, but the girls didn’t really get back to being friends until a few days after.

After choosing Dorathy as his Deputy HOH, Ozo felt like he had to explain things to his leading ladies, Nengi – his love interest and Dorathy – his best friend. While he had to handle dealing with Nengi all by himself, he had some help from Neo when he tried to speak with Dora. Neo helped to put some perspective into their relationship for Dora. He also made it easier for her to be receptive to Ozo’s explanation about why she was once again being dragged into a triangle she had no business being in.

Triangles and Squares – Entanglement Galore

There was so much talk about ships this week and the question of ‘who is together’ kept rising up. Laycon took Brighto’s questionable advice and finally told Erica that he likes her. This put her in an uncomfortable position and she had to clarify that she only liked him as a friend. Despite that explanation, Laycon continued to put the moves on Erica as she tried to strengthen her ‘situationship’ with Kiddwaya. She concluded at the end of the day that she wanted a man with Laycon’s mind and Kiddwaya’s body merged into one.

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On the other hand, Ozo, Nengi and Dora’s triangle almost came tumbling down. Ozo was caught in the middle of pleasing his crush and his best friend. Most times, Dora, his bestie won but Nengi also had some wins. This week was no doubt uncomfortable for Ozo has he tried to navigate his relationships.

Prince finally decided to let Nengi go and in the middle of Wathoni avoiding him like the plague, he chose to move on with Tolanibaj. It is clear that he still likes Nengi, but since she isn’t going to give him a chance, he has decided not to waste his time. He had a conversation with Wathoni about why she was avoiding him and she said she wanted Tolanibaj back as a friend. He also met with the last girl in his square, cleared the air with her and they both agreed to give themselves a chance. This means that we may soon see a Tolanibaj and Prince ship. What’s it going to be called, Tolce or Prilani?

Winning Some Money

After hours of working on the Dulux task, Team B (Cornish Dawn) won the challenge with 89 points. They won Dulux paints and N2 million for the team. The team included Kiddwaya, Kaisha, Erica, Nengi, TrikyTee, Tochi, Brighto, and Lucy. Each of them already has N222,220 to take home when they leave Biggie’s house.

A Musical Straight Out of the 80s

The BBNaija Lockdown housemates were given a wager task of putting on an 80s show. With the limited time and resources, it wasn’t easy, but they worked hard, practised, and put on a good show. TrikyTee who directed the musical did a splendid job. Erica, Neo, Prince, Tochi, Dorathy, Eric, Nengi and the rest of the housemates helped to bring his vision to life and it was beautiful to watch.

For the first time since they got into the house, they won their wager task, with Biggie calling it excellent. They doubled their Betway BBNaira wallet and their prize from their Flutterwave presentation. Housemates get to live like kings this new week.

Betway Arena Games

Of course, by now you know that Fridays are for Betway Arena Games. This week, the BBNaija Lockdown housemates were given a very interesting task, involving tennis balls in four different obstacles. Most of the housemates finished the challenge but some of them couldn’t. Wathoni, Kaisha, Lucy, Tochi, Prince and TrikyTee could not make it to the end of the game.

Erica and Neo came close to winning the game but the reigning Head of House, Ozo was on a winning streak and snagged the Betway Arena win by a few seconds.

Saturday Night Party

The party night is usually the highlight of the week, and of course, the housemates didn’t disappoint! They were all glammed up for the party in their 80s outfits. DJ Consequence brought his A-game, serving hit after hit and the housemates dominated the dancefloor with their party moves. Music artiste, Ladipoe also showed up for a 15-minute special performance for the housemates.

Erica owned the night, dancing with most of the housemates and especially causing confusion as she alternated between Laycon and Kiddwaya for a large part of the party. It also seems like we witnessed the beginnings of a new entanglement for Eric and Wathoni, now that Lilo is gone, but we will wait on that. Things also got very steamy on the dancefloor as housemates danced in very sultry ways and the couples shared several kisses.

The BBNaija Lockdown housemates obviously had a ton of fun last night. But with evictions looming today, one or two of them may never get the chance to party in Biggie’s house again.


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