‘I was scared of coming to Lagos cuz I thought it would swallow me’ – Blessing CEO

Controversial self-acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing CEO has shared a part of her success journey story.

The divorced mother of two, via her Instagram page revealed she’s launching a hub for those who seek relationship advice.

‘I was scared of coming to Lagos cuz I thought it would swallow me’ – Blessing CEO

She also noted that she was scared of coming to Lagos from her Aba, Abia State base because of the belief that the state would swallow her.

Blessing CEO shared a video of her latest project and captioned it: “I’m still crying .

I fought to be here. Like a solider I have scars to show for it . I refuse to give up.

Instagram took down this page 9 times, I started blogging with Instablog ooo😭😭.

I fought but they never gave me back my page, I no give up,from @breakormakeups I came back as blessingceo. It was just a dream in my head. Taaaaaaa relationship what, who dash you, go find work, noise maker, clout chaser,attention seeker,self acclaimed therapist, joker, lier, thief, ashawo,it’s still ringing in my head, but guess what? The noise did not distract me, I focused on my focus so I can become the FOCUS…


I faced one of my greatest fear. Aggressively I moved and I got it. 28th August will be emotional. If you have ever doubted yourself before,then let me be your motivation. Lagos state was my biggest fear.

They said the city will swallow me, but God came through. 28th, we launch the first ever therapy lounge. Everything relationship sexzzzz and marriage. Depression is lack of expression. Let’s share and heal.”

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