“I don blow, this is my confirmation”, BBN’s Kess declares after an encounter with Nigerian police

Evicted Big Brother Naija season seven housemate Kess Adjepkovu has confirmed his successfulness in life after his encounter with a Nigerian police.

Kess who lost his son during his time in Big Brother Naija show declared his entry into greater heights after a brief encounter with a police officer who decided not to check his papers after recognizing him as a reality star.

Sharing his encounter, Kess said while driving he was stopped by a police officer who requested for his license but changed his mind after starring at him and recognizing him as Kess of BBNaija.

Kess said the policeman asked him if he is Kess from BBNaija, and after he affirmed it, the officer immediately let him go without checking his papers.

According to Kess, the experience is a confirmation that he is now a successful star.

‘So guys I don blow…this is a confirmation for me, for Nigerian police to know me, i don blow forget it’, he emphasized.

Kess Adjepkovu spilt on the things that happened in the reality show that was not shown to the public.

Speaking in a recent interview, the 28-year-old Kess cited the case of the housemate that got disqualified, Beauty Tukura.

“The day Beauty got disqualified, I thought I was going to get a strike but I did not. Not everything is shown…you guys didn’t even see me when I shout, there was a time Amaka and I fought that I threw stuff at her, and the day Beauty was disqualified, I thought it was my fighting clip that will be shown for a strike cos it was an intense fight, it is not everything Biggie shows”

Kess further spilled that his marriage didn’t favor his game in the reality show “My marriage kinda limited and restricted me in the game, my wife gave me a pass but deep down i know she didn’t want me flirting and all that and then the female housemates were flirting with me, like Ilebaye she was after my marriage”

Appreciating his fans, Kess said “I just wanna say a big thank you to everyone for their love and support. I just want to let you know that I am okay, my wife is very much okay. She is happy now since she is seen me. I just want to let you know that we are good,” Kess said.

The 28-year-old also thanked everyone who voted for him while encouraging them to keep supporting him.


On Sunday, August 7, the Taraba beauty queen was disqualified from the competition after being issued a double strike an hour before the Sunday live eviction show.

Beauty was punished for an altercation during Saturday’s party with Groovy.

The Miss Nigeria beauty queen threw the house into chaos when she fought dirty with her supposed boyfriend, Groovy, for dancing with Level One housemate, Chomzy.

Groovy tried explaining the situation to her, but an angry Beauty wouldn’t listen to him.

The argument continued through the night as housemates interfered.

Phyna, who was unhappy with Beauty for always seeing Chomzy as a threat, tried calming the situation. Unfortunately, the two clashed.

All housemates’ efforts to calm her down were futile as she went on to damage Biggie’s property and disobeyed the house rules by assaulting Groovy.

As punishment for her action, the ex-beauty queen was disqualified from the show.

Beauty’s disqualification from the show has brought to light the true nature of the housemates.

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