How cheating on your partner can lead to your untimely death

In our society today,  a lot of people think cheating is a normal thing that should be embraced but it’s not.

Cheating as we all know has brought sorrow to many women and men who in one time or the other thought it was fun to mingle outside their relationships.

No one ever loves to see its partner having sexual relationship with another but yet most times, we go ahead to do this all in pursuit of pleasure.

The movie, “A Murderer’s Confession” as produced and directed by fast rising Nollywood director, David Royal, addresses the issues of cheating, bribery, love, relationships, commitment, mental suffering and so on.


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In this movie, a woman is led into fury by her cheating husband after she was infected with a Virus and at the same time pregnant for the so called husband.

I would love you to watch the movie and drop your opinions.

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