How BBNaija Lockdown Is Already Transforming The Lives Of Housemates

Just a few days into its fifth season and Big Brother Naija is already changing the lives of its latest housemates for good.

Aired in 49 African countries via MultiChoice’s DStv and GOtv platforms, the show has become a way for young adventurous Nigerians to leapfrog their way from obscurity to success. The show gives the housemates a once in a lifetime opportunity to display their engaging personalities and showcase their talent. This gains them the support of viewers, pushes up their social media following, and ultimately paves the way for life-changing opportunities after the show.

If you said BBNaija has a knack for producing a new class of celebrities every year, you wouldn’t be wrong. ‘Biggie’, like he’s fondly called, seems to possess an uncanny flair for selecting just the kind of characters that the viewers love, giving the housemates a clear path to fame and fortune.

The new season aptly named Big Brother Naija Lockdown premiered on Sunday, July 19, and since then, non-stop social media conversations have been going on about the housemates. The new housemates have no access to the internet or any media, so we bet that they would be surprised at the level of conversations they are sparking online, and at how quickly their social media following has skyrocketed.

Before the premiere of the Big Brother Naija show, new housemate, Nengi had 12,000 followers on Instagram. In about 24 hours after her arrival in the house, she had swiftly gained an additional 97,000 followers on the social media platform. Nengi won the first Head of House challenge in the house on Monday, June 20, which further increased her popularity, and as of June 23, 2020, she already has 190,000 Instagram followers.

Another BBNaija Lockdown housemate, Laycon has unwittingly been enjoying the good fortune of the BBNaija house. Laycon is also a music artiste who has been working hard at his craft for years. After appearing in the Big Brother Naija house and intriguing viewers with his intellect, personality, and talent, his EP, Who is Laycon shot up to sit at number three on Apple Music’s Top 100: Nigeria chart. This happened in about a day after he joined the show. After having less than 4,000 Instagram followers pre-BBNaija, Laycon currently has an Instagram following of 122,000.

Yesterday, Big Brother played a song from Laycon’s EP in the house. This excited the housemates and exposed his music to viewers across 49 African countries where Big Brother Naija is aired, thus giving Laycon a listenership that may have otherwise taken him years to gain.

It’s still the early days, but we are quite positive that we will be witnessing the birth of new stars as this new season of Big Brother Naija unfolds.

Don’t miss out on the action, entertainment, and drama of the BBNaija Lockdown show. You can watch the show every day on DStv Channel 198 and on GOtv Channel 29.

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