Harrysong, Soso Soberekon fight dirty on Instagram

Singer Harrysong and music producer Soso Soberekon have engaged in a messy fight on Instagram.

The drama started on Monday after Harrysong accused Soso of hiring assassins to tried to kill him, adding that he had evidence to back up his allegations.

Reacting to the accusation, Soberekon, through his lawyers, sent a defamation notice to Harrysong.

In the notice posted on Instagram on Tuesday, Soberekon asked for a retraction of the statement, an apology and N500,000,000 for compensation.

Speaking on the allegations, the talent manager wrote: “As a matter of fact, I always mind my business, stay on my lane and put smile on people’s faces. It is very disappointing that Harrysong will make such a false, reckless and defamatory statement.


“Please to my supporters, remain calm, this will be addressed and will be handled properly and legally. Thanks.”

Firing back at him in an Instagram post on Wednesday Harrysong dared Soso to do his worst, claiming that he has a small penis.

He wrote: “You dey sue me for social media. Dem ask you question? Abi you sef go for interview? With your small prick and flat blockus. Empty konkom. You go chi chun thing.”

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