Buhari Dragged In As Debate Rages Over Ada Jesus

Within hours of the news of the death of Ada Jesus, the popular comedienne went viral, President Muhammadu Buhari was being dragged into the fuss as Nigerians debated whether she died due to a spiritual attack or succumbed to a natural ailment.Reports have it that the bereaved family had confessed that Ada Jesus had developed a kidney ailment for about a year before her death suggesting that her faceoff with the Anambra based spiritualist, Odumeje and Nollywood Rita Edochie was secondary to her demise.Nigerians on social media on Wednesday, however, dragged President Buhari into the fuss when they alleged that the comedienne could have lived if she had access to better health facilities. Some pointed at how President Buhari is often refreshed after his visits to his United Kingdom doctors.Ene Oloja, a veteran Nigerian artiste who featured in the NTA hit series Cock Crow At Dawn had in a recent interview said that she relocated to the United States because of a renal issue that has put her on dialysis for years.Weighing into the fuss on Twitter over whether Ada Jesus was the victim of a spiritual attack or not, a Twitter user, Everest with the handle, @novieverest issued a series of tweets in which he claimed that Ada Jesus would have survived if she had access to better health facilities.

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She pointed at President Muhammadu Buhari who he said looks fresher after every trip to the United Kingdom.He said:Just heard Ada Jesus is dead. For clarity sake, if the news is true, she didn’t die because she insulted Odumeje or Rita Edochie. She died of an illness. An illness that both young and old people die of.We need to focus on improving our health system. Top pastors have been cursing and wishing Buhari death, baba travels to UK and comes back fresher.With a better health system, Ada Jesus would have still been alive today.May her soul rest in peace.EverestBefore you come here to cry spirituality, I am a Christian. I have seen a lot of things God has done, but you see my God…. His ways are plain open in the Bible. Christ died for Grace, if there’s no Grace anymore.. Then I should quit believing. I have witnessed Him.People with health issues will need money for treatment, when they post about it, people will turn it to prayer point. There’s a thin line between all these things. My elder sister was once healed of asthma on a visit to sand field when Bonke visited. Average life span in
Nigeria is lower than in countries with good health facilities. Your pastors and my priests travel to those countries for treatment. They go on regular medical check. The ones that are honest will tell you.Replying, Skynation tweeting at @Skynation3 said:Being in denial is very bad, most issue of spirituality end up being diagnosed as kidney failure ask people who have been thereOliver de Johnson tweeting at @blackpanther_ng disagreed with Everest saying that no top pastor in Nigeria cursed Buhari as he sought to dissociate politics from the death of Ada Jesus . Rather he said, pastors prayed for Buhari as enjoined by the Holy Scripture.No top pastor is cursing and wishing Buhari death. As Christians we are mandated to pray for him. Like him or not.For PaulFigga @officialpakoboy the development was one that he said would make him to be more spiritual and asking for God’s grace.I’m not so deep in faith I barely even go to church man  but deep inside of me I know I’m a sinner and all I can do is pray for grace, grace to be able to wake up amongst the living and so far this same God has been keeping me throughShe has gone to her place of rest 

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