Bobrisky’s Biography; Net Worth, Gender, Real Face, Surgery, Old Pictures, Husband

As we all know, socialite, Bobrisky is a very known Nigerian transgender woman, crossdresser, and who has gained prominence for her activities on social media.

Bobrisky was born a man with the name Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju on September 1st, 1992 in Ebute-Metta, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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She is the youngest of his siblings to a father who married three wives. The celebrity began her secondary education at the King’s College in Lagos State, Nigeria then enrolled at the University of Lagos(UNILAG) where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

After University, he started selling clothes and other accessories. Her sense of fashion culminating from his feminine body features helped him as an entrepreneur where he induced many customers, especially men to his shop.

Bobrisky net worth

Bobrisky commands a lot of resources, even that did not come easy. He frequently talks about the hardship he had to endure before getting his money now. He is estimated to be worth $3.125 Million dollars. One of the richest influential personalities in Nigeria.

Bobrisky’s gender

Bobrisky was born a male but his feminine features metamorphosized her into a transgender which she is happy to be. She has on many occasions corrected and called out on people who address her as ¨he and ¨him¨. She insisted that she is referred to as ¨her and ¨she¨.

Bobrisky’s real face

She is widely known as a beauty therapist whose make-up skills speaks volumes of her. You might not make her up when you meet her without make-ups. On social media, she is always looking beautiful in make-ups. But her real face has also been revealed on many occasions without makeup.

Bobrisky´s surgery

There are a lot of people who are doubtful if she ever underwent surgery. Yes, she had a
Liposuction Surgery to enhance her looks. In 2019, she actually confirmed that she went in for that surgery. She wrote on her Instagram page ¨“Liposuction is not easy mehnnn…. all my body is swollen. I’m bleeding little by little. I can’t wait to show you guys my new body. I can’t sit in my buttocks for one month ????. I’m glad I did dis surgery outside Nigeria. Can’t wait to flaunt my new body”.

Bobrisky´s old pictures

With all the monies she has to live a good life coupled with her surgeries, the 28-year-old does not look the same as she was some few years back.


Here are some old photos of her.

Bobrisky´s husband

Well, she is not married yet, but she has been in a relationship. Her fear, however, is revealing who the mystery man in her life is.

Bobrisky´s parent

Like every human, she has parents. They are alive even though she has lied about the identity of her parents for some time. Her father is Alhaji Okuneye and her mother is Alhaja Bollington who resides in Ejigbo.

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