Biography of rising Nollywood star, Isoken Igbinigie, her love life and source of income

If you’re a fan of good movies and good acting, you would agree with me that Isoken Igbinigie has been nothing but the best on our screens.

Well, here’s the biography of the fast-rising talented Nollywood superstar.

Isonken Igbinigie who hails from a Yoruba State is a Nigerian actress who has featured in many Nollywood movies today.

Isoken Igbinigie was born on March 23. Africa Informants could not ascertain the exact year she was born and her real age.

Isoken is a Christian who believes so much in God.

Some of the movies she has featured in were produced by top producers like Uchenna Mbunnabo who’s best known for his contribution to molding some Nollywood stars with his creative works.

Isoken Igbinigie came into the limelight when she was featured in a popular TV drama, Venge, produced by Africa Magic where she played the role of an inmate.

She was also featured in a popular romance movie, “Loving Lora” showing on Youtube were she played a lead role.

The beautiful actress has been nominated for awards.

Early 2023, she was nominated for an award by Screammag as the most promising actress in Africa and she was super excited about the nomination.

During the end sar protest in 2020, Isoken used her platform to speak up against injustice and police brutality in the country.

She shared a picture of the Nigerian flag stained with blood and called on the government to save the citizens from injustice.

She wrote on her official Instagram page, “What kind of country doesn’t care about its citizens, what kind of leaders kill the people they are leading because they feel like it, what kind of country is speaking an abomination in, what kind of supposed leaders will pay a blind eye and deaf ears to the cries of their people
Nigeria has failed us
We do not have a country
We do not have a home
We do not have government
We do not have help


Isoken’s source of wealth is acting and producing movies. She has featured in many movies and now she’s co-producing with other known producers like Uche Mbunnabo.

Isoken Igbinigie has up til now kept her love life out of social media, so we’re on aware if she’s in a relationship or not.

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