Biafra: we will use guerrilla warfare to get our freedom in 2023

A disciple of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Simon Ekpa, has said Nigeria should expect guerrilla warfare from Biafrans in 2023.

This he says will be used to liberate the defunct nation from Nigeria which he says has been committing genocide for the last 50 years.

He made this revelation on his Twitter handle on Tuesday pointed out that the secession was necessary because Biafrans were fighting for survival.

He said, “The reason Biafra will break away from Nig in 2023 is to bring lasting peace in the region & by extension prevent the terrorists from making Nig safe heaven which if allowed, will pose a serious threat to global peace.

“Biafra will engage in Guerrilla warfare for self-defence & liberate Biafra from Nigeria. This has become necessary after over 50 years of genocide against Biafra people.

“Exit from Nig is a struggle for survival. Marginalisation of Biafrans as a reason for exit is an understatement, we are now fighting for our rights to life, rights to self-governance, self-determination & protection of our rights to existence & above all, to avoid extermination.”

However recall that recently, Ekpa slammed the people of the South-East region which he claims is Buafra as slaves for supporting the presidential ambition of Peter Obi.


He wrote, “Any Biafran supporting @PeterObi distraction is a miscreant. Any Biafran supporting Nigeria election in 2023 to validate the terrorist country is a hopeless person. Check the definition of hopeless. They have no hope that Biafra will come by 2023, or that Biafra will ever come.

“So, because of their hopelessness, they are jumping to validate their slavery. No normal person will chase to be a slave in Nigeria than freedom. That is how hopeless they are. We in Autopilot have their medication & will cure them before 2023 when Biafra will breakaway form Nig.”

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