#BBNaijaS7: ‘If Groovy starts dating Chomzy, I’ll go back to Eloswag’, Phyna says as Biggie moves Groovy from Level 1 

Few hours ago, Biggie swapped Groovy for Deji, taking Groovy to Level 1 house & Deji to Level 2 house.

This act got Phyna very emotional, later she had a discussion with Amaka and some other housemates about the new development.

Phyna stated that she will go back to Eloswag if Groovy decides to date Chomzy.

Phyna: at least I don kiss. If e like make e fuck, e no consine me…. Groovy sef like Chomzy. I ask am.

Amaka: I told biggie that if he brings Chomzy or Eloswag come here there will be drama.

Phyna: I like Eloswag. If Chomzy and Groovy starts, I’ll go back to the roots

In other news, Groovy who was initially in the Level 2 house has been moved by Biggie to the Level 1 house while Deji has been moved to the Level 2 house.


Phyna and Groovy who have developed a strong attachment for each other could be seen crying over Biggie’s decision which didn’t sit well with them.

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