BBNaija: Why Chichi got into war of words with Eloswag

The Level 1 Housemates were pretty chilled after the HoH Challenge seeing that they had an automatic immunity from Nominations for possible Eviction this coming Sunday.

However, they still had a small issue that they had to deal with if they wanted to survive another week in Biggie’s House.

Last week, they had lost the weekly Wager Task to Level 2 hence they would not be getting a fresh supply of food. No supply of food meant they had to survive on the little they had left in the House.

Right after the Nominations Eloswag, HoH for the second time led the conversation on how food was going to be rationed. However, things soon turned sour as he started having a little back and forth with Chichi.

Apparently, Chichi felt Eloswag was a bit too intense with the way he was handling the situation and wasn’t having it! Eloswag, who was visibly pissed, told her not to speak to him anyhow saying he would “flip”. Whatever that meant, Chichi said she was ready to do the same.😂

What shocked us in the back and forth was when Eloswag said if he won the HoH games again he wouldn’t think twice… Was he talking about Biggie giving him the chance to Nominate his fellow Level 1 Housemate? Well, people on social media definitely feel so.


Later on, Adekunle had a sit down with Eloswag where he gave a little speech about why he wouldn’t get angry at Chichi because she acts like his younger brother. Eloswag said he understood her as well because he had tried to get close to her but had found out that she just didn’t want to change her bad attitude. 

We can’t wait to see what the dynamics in the House will be this week seeing as food which is not abundant in Level 1 is fast becoming an issue. 

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