BBNaija: Phyna in tears as Biggie sends lover, Groovy to Level 1 [Video]

Groovy is now a Level 1 housemate and his lover, Phyna can’t stand this painful separation –“E choke Phyna”

Biggie made a shocking decision on Friday night with the first switch of housemates, this season.

Groovy was the ”sacrificial lamb for balance” on the night as Biggie swapped the house of Deji and Groovy.

After the Week 4 wager presentation, Fake housemate, Deji finalized his secret task when Biggie asked him to share the grievances he has with fellow Level 1 housemates.

BBNaija: Phyna sobs uncontrollably as Biggie sends lover, Groovy to Level 1 [Video]

He stated unequivocally his intention to move to Level 1 house, Biggie duly granted his wish; making him a level 2 housemate.

For the sake of balance, Biggie ordered Groovy to pack his bags and move to the level 1 house.

Groovy and his fellow housemates couldn’t hide their disbelief, as Phyna protested against Biggie’s decision.

Biggie asked her to keep quiet, affirming his decision that Groovy should move to the other house.

Phyna sobbed uncontrollably as she was saddened by the separation from her lover.

Phyna and Groovy started a relationship last week after Groovy’s former lover, Beauty was disqualified from the house.

It is evident that Phyna can’t stand the separation as Groovy tried to pacify her.

Groovy asked Biggie if he would get his pocket earnings but Biggie promised to explain later.

The saddened lover, Phyna felt Groovy wouldn’t feel comfortable in the other house, especially with the food shortage.

Groovy was later given an emotional farewell by all the Level 2 housemates as he makes a mental switch to Level 1 house.

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