BBNaija Pharmsavi, pharmacist that dislikes hypocrisy and finds medicine boring

Saviour Ikin Akpan is a licenced pharmacist. Pharmsavi is a confident and multitalented extrovert with “an amazing sense of humour”.

He is passionate about life and acting in particular, and would like to pursue the craft as a profession in the near future. He hopes Big Brother Naija will help him kickstart his dream of becoming a professional actor due to his interest in screenplays.

He dislikes hypocrisy and deceit and considers himself emotional and competitive. He loves graphic design and when he has time, you will find Pharmsavi playing table tennis. Pharmsavi enjoys travelling, dancing and playing video games, and has a large network of friends, courtesy of his boisterous, friendly personality.


The licenced pharmacist has been practising his profession for quite a while. Pharmsavi is also a drug law and abuse advocate who campaigns against the abuse of drugs and other controlled substances among youths in Nigeria and the world. “I also want to create awareness about drug abuse and misuse, especially among the youth.” he says.

Habits that could possibly annoy his fellow Housemates during his time in the House? “I am a perfectionist. In his words, “People always say I suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) because I like things to be clean and in order,”

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