BBNaija: How Caesar salad caused problem in the house 

This evening in the Level Up House has been quite interesting. The Housemates had a Task with Amazon Farms that required each Level to prepare a dish specified by Biggie.

Each Level was split into two Teams with each Team preparing its own food. The Teams were Caesar Salad, Goat Meat Egusi and Pounded Yam, Vegetable rice and Chicken as well as Pasta and Prawns. The first two were from Level 2 while the last 2 were from the Level 1 House. 

BBNaija: How Caesar salad caused problem in the house

During the presentation, the last Team to give a presentation of their meal was Team Caesar Salad who were from Level 2 and while they called the name of their dish, they were interrupted by Hermes and Sheggz who corrected their pronunciation of the word Caesar.

Though the Housemates doing the presentation Phyna, Bryann and Ilebaye played it off on stage, they expressed their displeasure in hushed tones when they went back to their seats. The actual blowback from Hermes and Sheggz’s action was however going to be fully felt in the Level 1 House. 


When they went back into the Level 1 House, Doyin spoke to Sheggz about his and Hermes’ action, saying it wasn’t proper and it felt petty. Sheggz replied saying he knew it seemed petty but he was only supporting Hermes who spoke up first. He also said Doyin seemed to be forgetting they were in competition with the Level 2 Housemates and he did not need to be friends with them. 

Doyin, however, replied that it’s not in her nature to get dirty because we are in a competition. The conversation however turned hot when Doyin, who had been resting in the room at a point, was visited by Sheggz for a conversation. Doyin told him flat out she did not want a conversation and spazzed out at him that he wasn’t coming to Bella’s bed.  

Sheggz in his retort called her “disgustingly rude” and left. Bella later came to Doyin to speak about her name being mentioned in their argument. In their conversation, Doyin apologised to Bella saying she owed her an apology for calling her name in the altercation. She expressed to Bella that she felt Sheggz ‘attitude during the presentation was immature and should not have happened. 

After Bella’s conversation with Doyin, she goes back to the Dining Area to speak to Sheggz, Chichi, Chomzy and Hermes about Doyin’s point of view. Unfortunately, everyone at the table disagreed with Doyin’s view and felt she had no right dictating how her fellow Housemates should react to issues in the House. 

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