BBNaija: Diana breaks down in tears as she clashes with Chichi [Video]

It is barely 24 hours since Biggie merged the Level 1 and Level 2 housemates, yet drama has started unfolding.

After the Sunday live eviction, which saw the eviction of Kess and Pharmsavi, Biggie merged the housemates.

As expected, the housemates got into a fight on their first night, which left Diana in tears.

Chichi and Diana had clashed over locker in the merged house.

Diana, the owner of the locker, had allowed Deji, who is Chichi’s supposed boyfriend, to share her locker.

Deji had begged Diana to allow Chichi also join him, to which she agreed.

However, Chichi, who didn’t know their plans and arrangements, confronted her as she had seen Diana’s lashes among her boyfriend’s belongings. Chichi concluded that Diana wanted to steal her man.

Chichi, who was being childish, made a big issue of it as she vented to everyone who cared to listen.

Phyna and Amaka tried calming her down, but Chichi was bent on dragging the 33year old light-skinned housemate.

Chomzy, a friend of Chichi, was highly disappointed, and she expressed displeasure over her behaviour to Sheggz and Bella.

Joining their conversation, Deji explained the situation to them and faulted Chichi for overreacting.

At first, Diana kept mute to avoid escalating things and getting a strike, but she got fed up with Chichi’s insults and confronted her; things dived for the worse as Chichi hurled more insults at her.

Taking things to the extreme, she went to the locker to unpack Diana’s belongings.

Diana, who felt hurt by her behaviour, broke down in tears.

Head of house, Eloswag took her to the garden, where he calmed her down and uplifted her spirit.

It was barely 24 hours when the second set of housemates stepped into the house, yet things got heated between the housemates.

Bella and Chichi almost got into a big fight over a wager task.

Things went south between the ladies after Chichi dropped an idea for their wager task.

Chichi, who wasn’t there when Biggie passed an instruction to the housemate, made a suggestion for the group, which didn’t sit well with Bella.

To draw Chichi’s attention to Biggie’s instruction, the ladies exchanged words.

Biggie had passed an instruction that all group members must deliver a distinct talent for the task.

Trying to call her attention to it, Chichi, who seemed to be the ‘bossy’ type, took offence to her comment and slammed her.

To add to it, Chichi demanded a reshuffling of the group as she noted how those who were good at dancing were placed in a group.

Chichi requested that changes be made, but Bella, who wasn’t having her authoritarian personality, clashed with her.


Chichi and Ilebaye got into a brawl when the latter got jealous of her dancing with Groovy at their third Saturday night party.

According to Chichi, Groovy asked her for a dance, and she agreed. While they were dancing, Ilebaye came and pushed her away.

This didn’t sit well with Chichi, who confronted Groovy and blasted Ilebaye.

Chichi told Groovy to find courage and address issues immediately.

She said, “You’re a man, sometimes you need to be a man, address the issue immediately…..”.

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