#BBNaija: Bella angers Nigerians after she vowed to nominate Beauty for possible eviction [video]

Big Brother Naija Level Up housemate Bella has angered many Nigerians with her threats to fellow housemate, Beauty.

This all started following their Weekly Wager Presentation, where Level One housemates emerged the winners.

The duo collided as they played a heads-or-tails game to choose which Level would begin presenting, with Level 1 winning.

Adekunle who introduced the game, stated that it was a ‘bum ball’ game where housemates must pass the ball to one another with their bums.

After both level 1 and 2 games were over, Big Brother invited anyone from Level 1 to give an analysis of Level 2’s game, Sheggz volunteered, and he made the Level 2 housemates know that their sport wasn’t competitive.

Biggie also invited Level 2 to give their analysis of Level 1’s game, and Beauty, who took to the floor, said she felt their game was unclear. She said that she was confused about the game’s rules and that it was boring.

Level One housemates weren’t pleased with her analysis, especially Bella.

Bella had a lot to unburden about Beauty as they made their way into their house.

In a video making rounds, Bella vowed to nominate Beauty for possible eviction.

She said, “Beauty will be regretting why she said that, now she knows we have eyes on her and next one she is going to be up”.

Taking to the comment section, Nigerians slammed her for her superiority complex.

lescobarry_: U people are lucky that Biggie cheated Level 2 and made u Level 1 the winner with an existing Bumball game

nana_ybaa122: This Bella is just fill of herself….if my beauty is up we will still keep her in nd its gonna shock u nd ur so called Islander

azilembokazi: Wait does Bella think Beauty would go home. Eh this one is funny


iamceeceeagana: Abeg make una help me ask Bella weather na she go set up the Head of House games on Sunday

azilembokazi: Ahh no one annoys me more than Bella can they leave our Beauty alone na

just.ifeee: This Bella is too bitter, always talks down and bad of everyone

akadenaomin: See this bella think say she get fans pass beauty. I laugh


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