BBN S7: Sheggz Names Top Gossips in the House

Recently Sheggz, Bella, Eloswag and Chomzy were discussing and the centre of their discussion was the gossipers in the house. Sheggz said he thinks the major gossip of the house is evicted Amaka and Chichi. 

BBNaija Season 7: Sheggz Reveals the Major Gossips of the House

He was referring to the incident that happened between Amaka, Chomzy, Chichi, Bella and Phyna. Amake when she was in the house told Which about Groovy’s ship with her Phyna when they were in level 2 and Chichi told Bella about what Amaka told her. 

Bella then took the story to Chomzy which escalated to something else, Chomzy confronted Amaka about it but she said what she was hearing is not what she told Chichi but from the indications of things it seems one of them had added the first story or Amaka was lying about herself being innocent. 

Sheggz said he feels the only way they will know the person who is telling the truth and lying is earn they finally leave the house because the four persons who are active in the rumour are all saying different things. 

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