BBN S7: Daniella Eyes Another Relationship in the House

Daniella who told Biggie in her dairy session yesterday that she regrets her present ship with Dotun and wishes she did not admit to being the deputy seems to have faced another direction ship-wise.

Dotun is not the only housemate who is crushing on her but he is the only one who has been able to walk up to her and tell her. 

BBNaija Season 7: Daniella Eyes Ship with Adekunle

Giddyfia and Adekunle have twice or thrice said they like her to have one or two housemates in the house. After her dairy session yesterday with Biggie she went back to her bed and started crying asking herself why she allowed it to happen. Later that same day she told Deji about The Who thing and how she regrets her ship with Dotun. 

Deji advised her said, she should tell Dotun if she is not interested in the relationship again and tell him she still wants Khalid even though he is not in the house again. Daniella sum up courage and walked up to Dotun and told him that she can’t continue in the relationship. 


The problem now that has got viewers confused is that she was all over Adekunle yesterday. She was heard telling him that he loves him and they hugged which was not the first time. The question now is she serious with her Khalid or is she trying to discard Dotun because she is now going closer and closer to Adekunle?  

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