Anxiety as Erica risks disqualification over face-off with Laycon, Prince

Anxiety as Erica risks disqualification over face-off with Laycon, Prince

Erica may be on the verge of disqualification during Sunday night live eviction show.

Erica, who had bagged double strikes, flouted some House rules after the Saturday night party.

Her tantrums had fans and viewers clamouring for her immediate disqualification.

She bagged one strike for whispering in the House and another for spending more time than required as a visitor in the HOH lounge, making her one strike away from disqualification.

Erica, after Saturday night party, confronted Laycon about his claims she tried to kiss him multiple times.

Laycon remained silent as Erica went off insulting him and made some derogatory remarks.

She said the only thing saving him is Biggie because she would have killed him outside the house.

“I will beat Laycon if I was not on two strikes. I don’t care if I am disqualified. Laycon is a foolish boy, he looks like a drumstick.

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“Laycon will kill himself for using me to lie. Outside this house I will kill Laycon.

“How will I be attracted to such ugly boy? Laycon is ugly he is not attractive, if people see that he is using his smartness for bad then he is ugly from the inside out,” she fumed.

Prince got a brunt of Erica’s fiery mood after she called him the ‘biggest mistake’ she ever made for not taking his side.

Prince also confirmed she poured water on his side of the bed to ensure they don’t share the HOH lounge.

Receiving the third strike will automatically lead to her disqualification.

The London-trained actress however apologised for her outbursts, stating “I am ready for any consequence.”

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