Actress Mary Njoku stirs internet with bridal photos as she preps hard for her wedding

Nollywood actress Mary Remmy Njoku has roused the internet with stunning pre-wedding photos of herself and her bridal train.

Mary Njoku made her fans hyper when she disclosed she was ready to walk down the aisle again.

Actress Mary Njoku stirs internet with bridal photos as she preps hard for her wedding

The mother of three, happily married to Jason Njoku, disclosed that she would renew her vow to mark her 10th wedding anniversary.

Undoubtedly, the preparation is going smoothly as the actress shares bridal photos with her train online to update her upcoming nuptials.

Sharing the photos online, Mary Njoku revealed her bridal train’s identities, including Mary Lazarus, Moyo Lawal, Uche Ogbodo, Jazzy Okey and Emmanuella Remmy.

“Beside every queen, there are other Queens!!!!
@mary_lazarus @moyolawalofficial @emmanuella_remmy @ucheogbodo @jazzyokey”

Mary Njoku indirectly tackled Nigerian men on how they care for their wives.

Mary Njoku took to Instagram and shared a collage of a lady with the description of her look when she was unmarried and a wife.

Mary Njoku opined that the condition of any man’s wife shows his kind of personality to the world.

According to Mary Njoku, one’s daughter cannot be a princess if the mother is not a queen, so they advised men to look at their wives and ask themselves what kind of men they are.

In her words: “Dear MEN. The condition of your wife shows the world the kind of man you are. Your daughter cannot be your princess if her mother is not a queen. So take a deep look at your wife and ask yourself, what kind of man are you?”

Mary Njoku slammed young ladies who rely solely on a man’s wealth following the post of a man who shared the photo of a girl he took on a trip after she refused him s*x.

The angered man took the lady on a trip to Dubai for a week but ended up cutting the vacation short because she refused to give in, even though the lady was aware the lovemaking thing would happen.


In reaction to the post shared, the actress expressed disappointment at the lady who had made a wrong choice and depended on a man for money or luxury items. Adding that hunger has made some girls settle for less in society.

According to her, women are not sex toys meant to be used and dumped just for money as she slammed the man who had taken the lady’s pictures and shared them online because she denied him sex.

Speaking further, she said ladies should try as much as possible to hustle for themselves to avoid being forced to do things they don’t want to do.

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