Actor Alhaji Baraka drops bombshell on Murphy Afolabi’s death [Video]

Nollywood actor, Alhaji Oluwole Cole popularly known as Baraka has made an interesting revelation about Murphy Afolabi’s death.

In an interview during his burial, Baraka revealed that the tiles in Murphy Afolabi’s bathroom weren’t the reason why he slipped.

He claimed that actor fell as a result of dizziness and that was what led to his death.

Explaining further, he said that during Fuji singer, Malaika’s birthday party days back, Murphy had complained of weakness while they were running errands.

After he celebrated his birthday before his death, he had malaria for 2-3 days, and on the fateful day he died, he wasn’t feeling too good.

According to Baraka, Murphy had called a nurse to come home and treat him and had taken pap before he went to the bathroom, where he got dizzy and slipped.

“At Malaika’s birthday party, Murphy and I were doing some running around when he complained he was feeling weak and he was told to sit down and rest. After Murphy celebrated his birthday, he had malaria for like 2-3 days. On the fateful day that he died. He wasn’t feeling too good and he called a nurse to come home and give him some injections. Afterward drank pap and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom, he started feeling dizzy and he fell. It wasn’t the tiles of the bathroom that slipped him. He fell as a result of the dizziness and that was it”.

“He predicted his death” Adebayo Tijani spills on Murphy Afolabi’s death

Also speaking out on his death was actor, Adebayo Tijani, who revealed his last conversation with Murphy Afolabi.

In an interview with Goldmyne TV during his funeral, he claimed that he had spoken to Murphy Afolabi 30 minutes before his death and Murphy had predicted his death.

Adebayo revealed that Murphy made some statements about death during their conversation but he didn’t read meaning to it because Murphy was being his usual jovial self.

He further revealed that Murphy had called him to take some of the clothes he used for his birthday shoot and had sent money for their contribution earlier than usual. He added that Murphy said he didn’t know what would happen the next day or the next minute.

“We still spoke yesterday, we spoke around 9:30 and he fell around 10 am. I was called immediately and we drove him to the hospital but he died before we got to the hospital.


He called me after his birthday that I should come and take some of the clothes he used for his birthday shoot. I told him not to worry but I didn’t know he was passing a message across to me.

Yesterday he sent money for a contribution we always do on Sundays, he sent it early and I questioned his choice to send it early. His response was we don’t know what will happen the next day or in the next minute. I didn’t know he was bidding me farewell”.

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