Why I will keep nominating Adekunle, Hermes and Allysyn ― Phyna spills

Phyna, Big Brother Naija housemate, has disclosed the reason for nominating Adekunle and Allysyn last night.

Phyna revealed this during her diary section with Biggie last night

Phyna told Biggie she was only paying them back. According to Phyna, Adekunle and Hermes Nominated her, so she decided to pay them back, however, Hermes couldn’t be nominated because of his HOH status, so she picked his girlfriend, Allyson instead.

Phyna said she will continue to nominate them every Monday.

Watch her funny diary session in video below:

Meanwhile, recall that the BBNaija couple Phyna and Groovy had their first fight over Phyna’s drinking habit.

It is a heartbreaking time for Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemates, Groovy and Phyna. The housemates’ ship seems to be on the verge of destruction.

Housemate Daniella had spilled to Phyna her secret discussions with Groovy.

Groovy had opened up to Daniella who he considered his bestfriend to let his feelings for Phyna known.

At that time, Groovy was still trying to navigate his feelings for Phyna and had confessed to Daniella that he didn’t like her and she (Phyna) was forcing the relationship.

It seems things has changed and Groovy is already in love with Phyna, unfortunately, Daniella spilled the tea to Phyna, who thought Groovy was playing her.

Before their Guinness game, Phyna drank to stupor, which Groovy wasn’t happy about.

Cautioning her, Groovy begged her to reduce her intake of alcohol.

He said, “If you want to drink as you like them there is no point of us continuing this relationship”.

Groovy had no choice but to call their relationship to a halt as Phyna remained adamant on drinking.

Phyna said: “You are breaking up with me”.

Groovy replied: I am not breaking up with you I am telling you we need space


Phyna pointed out how there isn’t any difference between the words.

“Which is the same thing as break up”.

This has stirred mixed reactions from netizens. Why others sympathized with the couple, others mocked them (particularly Phyna).

lady_khemz: E don reach ur turn Nobody is above breakfast

sheilaokonkwo: I really don’t blame Groovy, bcos everyone blamed him about beauty drinking too much, I understand where he is coming from, before you will drink and start misbehaving and talking out of point, when anything happen now, they will now blame him again.

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