I miss your killer figure, but i love your personality- Brown Mauzo’s message to wife, Vera Sidika

Singer Brown Mauzo, husband to Vera Sidika has reacted to his wife Vera Sidika’s transformation in public.

Since Vera Sidika announced her rebirth, the world has been waiting for her husband’s reaction and his thoughts about her drastic change, and as expected, he had a lot to say.

The father of two took to his Facebook account and here is what he said to his lovely wife:

“Dear wife, I know this hasn’t been easy at all. I’ve been with you through the entire process and all I can say is that you are a very strong lady.” 

He went ahead to congratulate her for her courage arguing that it will educate young girls to love their bodies, he has promised to love her despite missing her old body.

“I’m so happy U found peace & acceptance & finally dared to come out and educate young girls. I your husband miss your killer figure so much but what I love and treasure is your personality & pure heart. I will love you more just the way you are.” Said baba Asia and Lareesa.

Vera’s transformation has caused a lot of stir online, many have praised her for her courage while others appear to be making fun of her new body.

Content creator and influencer Pritty Vishy appears to have an opinion after retired socialite Vera Sidika announced that she had gotten rid of her signature butts.

Photos of the rebirthed Vera Sidika are still circulating on social media, the mother of one is still trending number one on Twitter, and once again Vera has managed to unite Kenyans.

Comedians rushed to create funny videos on the event, with several displaying what might have happened. Among them were playwright and actor Butita, as well as comedian Njugush.

Pritty Vishy mocked the socialite on Instagram, stating her back has nothing left. The Influencer recently boasted about her large nyash, even claiming she would not attend her ex-singer Stevo Simple Boy’s wedding because she is concerned her large nyash would confuse him on his wedding day. Stevo is engaged to his fiance Gee.


Vera Sidika is yet to respond, she explained that she had to get her bum for health reasons.

The socialite has gotten rid of her humongous backside which made her famous by removing her butt implants. Vera had recently sparked rumors after she said that she was going through a major.

Here’s what Vera wrote about her stunning transformation:

“THE REBIRTH …This has been the hardest phase in my life, Due to health risks & complications, I had to undergo surgery. It’s Still very unbelievable But I’ve come to terms with it & learned to love myself regardless.

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